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Minding Your Elders

What’s  the difference between minding your elders and minding your business? It’s a question that challenges and perplexes many families as they juggle their own lives and care for the well- being of their parents, elder relatives and friends.

It’s not unusual for mothers and fathers to seek the advice and counsel of their sons and daughters when retiring or relocating. Some of the most agonizing decisions, however, are not about wealth, health, death or dying, but about relationships and lifestyles.

How many families have wondered if, or how soon, a parent should marry after the death of a spouse? Who is the new woman in dad’s life a godsend or a gold digger? Is it fair to expect your mother-in-law to babysit now that she resides with you? Should you be expected  to be the caretaker because you are single?  The only daughter? If your mom has Alzheimer’s disease, will you get it, too?

Minding Your addresses the cares and concerns of those who want the best and will do what’s best for their loved ones. It’s the place on the Internet where you can’ share your experience and find the information you need.