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Beauty Basics

More than an anti-aging product, it’s a solution

Helix-D formulated to restore skin to youthful appearance

TheCosmoProf Convention in Las Vegas was the launch pad for Helix-D, a skincare technology that  “isn’t simply an anti-wrinkle product,” says Louis Rinaldi, the pro

duct’s chief cosmetic officer, “it is a comprehensive, multi-functional anti-aging solution.  Savvy skincare consumers, tired of expensive products that fail to deliver on their promises, will find that Helix-D is just what they have been waiting for.

“The point of difference is found in the  new  Helix Delivery System (HDS), which features a dual-liposome, low polar, friction-free delivery system which suspends the active ingredients in a protective matrix, preserving their potency until activated at the skin surface.  When the matrix and base are blended at the skin surface during application, the formulation is activated and the delivery system transports the actives past the protective outer layer of the skin—the stratum corneum—to targeted skin layers beneath. As the delivery system penetrates the skin’s surface, first the exterior, then the interior liposomes dissolve, providing a sustained, time-release of actives to the surrounding cells.  These state-of-the-art actives—which feature the most advanced power-peptides, matrikines, antioxidants, and nanohydrators—rejuvenate, rehydrate, and restore skin to its youthful appearance.


Organiceutical formulated to slow aging skin

The aging process involves more than just time and there are a variety of factors that contribute to this process which include sun exposure, smoking, repetitive facial expressions, sleeping positions and even gravity.While the aging process is inevitable, studies have shown that 80% of premature skin aging can be avoided, according to Stiefel, a GSK company, which recently introduced a line of Revaleskin system with Coffeeberry Whole Fruit Extract to help to slow the aging process.

The company says Revaleskin  is the first and only professional line of organiceutical  anti-aging skin care products that combine science and nature to help skin look smoother and younger. “Through physician-dispensed distribution and the use of CoffeeBerry Whole Fruit Extract, we’re able to offer consumers the comfort of knowing our products are dermatologist-recommended while satisfying high consumer demand for products made with natural ingredients,” says Annamaria Ranieri, Revaleskin’s director of U.S. sales and marketing. The key ingredient, the whole fruit extract, is exceptionally rich in polyphenol antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid, condensed proanthocyanidins, quinic acide, and ferulic acid which help minimize appearance of existing damage and protect against future damage.

Serum reduces signs of aging

SkinMedica has advanced anti-aging with the introduction of Biometa Essential Serum, an all inclusive skin care treatment formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging. The serum targets the natural pathways of the skin and  unlocks the rejuvenation process, resulting in long lasting natural beauty. Our understanding of the  biological pathways associated with the body’s natural regenerative qualities is constantly advancing,” says Rahul Mehta PhD, executive director of R&D. In clinical studies, Biometa Essential Serum™ showed results in all visible signs of aging that appeared short-term and continued over time.  Biometa Essential Serum™ recently launched in Asia, the European Union and will launch in key regions in Latin America and Middle East soon.

Retinoid complex reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Jan Marini Skin Research has introduced  two retinoid-antioxidant-peptide complex product solutions – Retinol Plus and Retinol Plus MD.   Retinol Plus MD, containing a high concentration 1.0% Retinol, is provided exclusively through the physician retail marketplace while Retinol Plus (0.5% Retinol) is available to licensed skin care professionals and physicians.

The Retinol Plus products offer significant advantages beyond just those of high-concentration retinoids. Key integrated peptides, antioxidants, hydrators and soothing agents enhance clinical benefits while simultaneously reducing the acclimation and sensitivity historically associated with high concentration retinoids.  The advanced combination formula provides rapid and clinically proven improvement for smoother, more uniform looking skin with marked reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with little to no acclimation and sensitivity. Jan Marini,  CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research,  says the products combine the most concentrated levels of retinol allowed with powerful anti-aging peptides and protective and soothing antioxidants in a stabilized lightweight hydrating cream.

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